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Early White Bear Water Ski Co. Promotional Film:

 This nearly three minute promotional film was the first test reel we had transferred.  As you can see, we found a very cool bit of history that has been locked away on that roll of 16mm film for all these years.  This footage seems to have been filmed in two locations: White Bear Lake (confirmed) and Bald Eagle Lake, judging by the background shoreline features and structures.  We are currently unable to identify the announcer as well as any of the featured skiers or boaters.  Here's a transcript of what the announcer is saying:

"Here you see some skiing, water ski pictures made at White Bear Lake.  These skis, known as water skis, are made by the White Bear Water Ski Manufacturing Company and located at White Bear.  The wood used in the manufacturing of these waterskis is very carefully dried and given special treatment and then painted with the best paint available making these skis the best it can be, manufactured.  Guaranteed not to warp and holds it's shape for life."